Report Abuse is a powering Enjoy Osun Mobile App. works hard to ensure that all information regarding the services i.e the POIs, VIPs, Business etc in Osun State comply with the terms as described in our terms of use. All the same, if there is any listing that you notice has contravene any of such terms, please reach out to us as quick as possible. In order to quickly and efficiently investigate this complaint, email us at

Please note that while we are happy to review any claim that a listing is violating our Terms, we do reserve the right to judge the appropriate response in our sole discretion. By sending us a mail;You agree that the statements / abuse complaints raised are accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge.Agree that if such claims are accepted by the owners, then / Enjoy Osun Mobile App may not be able to respond to this allegation.

Please take steps to ensure that you are contacting the appropriate party in regards to this complaint. You can find detail information on the listing page in each categories on our app. If this complaint is applicable to / Enjoy Osun Mobile App, expect a reply and action shortly.