Osun state is one of the most wanted places to visit in term of Nigeria tourism and rural tourism in Osun State is important because of many things. It houses the ancestral home of Yoruba race and most of the mysteries of Yoruba race. It is the land of the legends like Oranmiyan, Moremi, Ogedengbe and many more. And it is believed that humanity as we know it started from this very part of the world. The state is also the sixth biggest tourist\’s destination center in Nigeria and the first most visited state in term of religious tourism.

Osun State, an inland state in South West Nigeria, is known to be the most peaceful state in Nigeria. The government of Osun State is under the able leadership of the progressive leader, Governor Gboyega Oyetola and all the members of his executive cabinets. The state also enjoys sound judiciary system of law as well as strong legislative arm of government.

The serene environment in the state as well as its green and pleasant landscape often captivate the interest of the tourists and business enthusiasts. The mouth opening scenery, acclaimed mysterious rivers, amazing mountains and sacred legendary sites often melts our hearts with delight. Also, worthy of notes are the Royal Fathers in Osun State as most of them derived their authority directly from the gods, goddess even the progenitor of Yoruba race himself with magical and historical objects in their palace archive that will make tourists want to come back for more.

Listing the important places to visit in Osun state, Nigeria sounds like an uphill task due to the versatility of such task. But Oshun Osogbo groove (UNESCO World Heritage Center), Palace of Ooni of Ife, Erin Ijesha Water Falls, 3 Headed Palm, Anlugbua Groove in Kuta, Adunni Susan Wengers Center, Ayikunugba Water Falls, Igbo Sango, Idi-Baba Cultural Center, Mbarimbayo Cutural Heritage, OAU Zoological Gardens, Oduduwa Shrine, Yeyemolu Shrine are among the forefront as far as Nigeria tourism in Osun state is concerned. Besides, there are many amusement parks, art /craft galleries and clubs to visit during your stay in Osun.

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Mobile app revealing hidden treasures and places to visit in Osun State, Nigeria
Mobile app revealing hidden treasures and places to visit in Osun State, Nigeria